hello there!

I am a wife and mother to 8 children. 

My children are what inspired me to take a leap into photography in 2011.

Photographs are one of the most important things to have to hold on to memories

as we are never promised tomorrow. 

This is why it is my goal to be budget friendly and give the opportunity

to all to have professional images.



YES! You read that right! 

We have 8 children. 

& YES! They are all ours! 

Pictured below are our greatest adventures:

Aydin (13) Joseph (10) Bradley (9) Isabel (8) Hendrix (3) Annora (2) Elowen (1) Maelyn (9 months)

We have 4 boys and 4 girls.

Life is crazy but so much fun! 

Our oldest daughter Isabel has 1p36 deletion syndrome. 

She can not walk or talk. She has microcephaly, brain abnormalities , heart defects along with an aortic dilation etc. She is one of my major pushes to continue to capture memories for families.

To learn more about 1p36 deletion syndrome click here ---- > 




FRAPPES -- I need frappe's to function! 

The more caramel and whipped cream the better.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES -- Sometimes on long editing nights I bake a full dozen and I DON'T share! 

ALL THE MEXICAN DISHES -- Give me some LaCaretta & Santa Fe & I am one happy lady! 


At home with my family.




I'm going to have to say Rose Gold.

MY                    FOR  

I'm sure you've noticed I do a mass amount of themed mini-sessions shoots. I promise there's a great explanation to come as to why. I'll take you back to 2012 first my very first year of these themed mini sets... ONE: they weren't crazy extravagant then BUT they were everything! I did a valentines set, an Easter set , and then I created my own pumpkin patch!  SO MUCH FUN! NOW fast forward to when my wheels started turning. I'm a huge Vols lover. Yes, I know we're not that great BUT still a huge fan! So I'm sitting there in my house thinking of what mini session sets I could do and it hit me "VOLS MINIS" I had this vision come up in my head! I was able to get creative and I was so excited! I had never ever seen anyone else do this sort of session. Just think of how even more excited I was when I created this set in real life too!!!! So ever since then I have been creating different mini theme sets for my clients. 

Sometimes they're way over the top sometimes they're not! 

All I have to say is themed mini session sets are THE BEST!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE UNIQUE!

My minis begin at $20.00 and go up to $50.00 currently. 

Make sure to watch my facebook page for upcoming themes in the years to come! :)

love                  MINI - SESSIONS

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