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I am Heather. The one behind the lens at Photography By Heather Lane. My whole goal to my community as a photographer has been always will be to provide quality, beautiful images at an affordable cost. Photographs are so important to have. They may one day be all you have left to remember a specific moment in time. I am at my happiest when I know and see I am helping freeze time forever for all the families I am lucky enough to photograph. My love for photography began in 2010. I had picked up a little camera and began taking photos of my sons ( at the time ) Aydin , Joseph & Bradley. "Bee" Bradley being my main subject as a little growing baby. That love to take pictures blossomed from there. Once my first daughter Isabel was born She was diagnosed with 1p36 deletion syndrome. This alone was very scary at first but now its just every day raising and caring for a special needs daughter. I realized the extreme importance photographs have in everyones life. Remember ,One day.. those pictures MAY be all you have left! I tried my best to have sessions scheduled and to take as many photos as possible with my phone. Currently I now have EIGHT children. Four boys and four girls. As a single mother life is just a bit crazy. So , please know that I am used to unexpected adventures and a little bit of chaos here and there.

Here is a little extra about me so you can get to know me :

My favorite colors are purple and rose gold.

There is just something about that rose gold shimmer and shine.

I love all things weather. I am fascinated by cloud formations and storms.

I have a *slight* obsession with butterflies.

If I could just go sit in a field of butterflies I would absolutely be in heaven.


I love airplanes and often take my kiddos to watch airplanes take off at the airport.

I am a "sit outside and gaze at the stars" kind of girl.

I am very simple.

I don't like fancy items (other than the newest Canon lenses and cameras of course!). 

I love STAR WARS. 

I am all about family and spending time with people.

I believe everyone needs SOMEONE at all times to lean on.

SERVING AND PROVIDING is something I strive for.

HUGE why I try to serve our whole community.

I AM OBSESSED WITH CARRABBAS 10/10 favorite restaurant.

I love coffee.... I love it so much I am a regular at 7 brew. 7 BREW IS THE BEST!!!! 

and finally.... I love children. NO SURPRISE! I love having a large family and I absolutely adore all large families.

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